An Important Message for Our Customers.

Australians love to travel, and Fiji has always been a favourite destination, especially for weddings and honeymoons.  Whilst it is disappointing that we’re not able to travel due to COVID-19, we remain hopeful and optimistic that travel restrictions will loosen up in the near future, and that the Pacific island destinations will be the first to see these restrictions lifted.

There’s no doubt that it is frustrating and difficult at the moment. But our passion for wedding planning and creating amazing holidays has not been diminished. On the contrary, we are excited about the opportunities and the good times that await us.  We may be restricted by borders for now, but this is a temporary situation.  We strongly recommend that you don’t lose hope and don’t lose sight of your Dream.

We are here for you now and we’ll be here again when you’re ready to start creating memories that will become the foundation from which your future lives will be built.


In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Australian Government has now issued a total ban for non-essential international travel. Learn more for the latest travel advice from the Australian Government
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